Yova, violet titanium wing necklace, handmade.


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  • Yova, violet titanium wing necklace, a handmade, antiallergic, eco-friendly, perfect gift for fashion woman.
  • This necklace is 6 cm length.
  • Unique handmade necklace comfortable to wear, for fashion woman, a perfect gift for Christmas.
  • Yova violet necklaces are very light but very strong, titanium is hard and resistant metal, also used for watches, piercings and implants.
  • Titanium is one of the safest metals available and is ideal if you are allergic to nickel, silver or gold.
    Our colours are created by anodising which changes the surface colour of the metal without coatings or plating.
  • Our necklaces are handmade.
  • All photos are for illustration purpose only. The colours of the earrings may slightly differ from those shown in the picture.
  • When a product is unavailable, lead time about 3 weeks.


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