Yova blue leaf earrings, titanium,handmade.


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Yova, blue leaf titanium earrings, handmade, antiallergic.

Simple, light, handmade titanium earrings in the shape of a leaf with a length of 44 mm.

Yova, jewellery for Fashion Woman, for Her, Gift for a loved one.

They owe their beautiful blue colour to a special technique – anodized.

Earring hooks (ear wires) are made from surgical steel.
As a metal, Titanium is nearly indestructible and antiallergic and very light.

These earrings are perfect for people with allergies to other metals, for everyday wear. They can be wearing to work either to the party or other special occasions.

Our earrings are handmade and all photos are for illustration purpose only. The colours of the earrings may slightly differ from those shown in the picture.

When a product is unavailable, lead time about 3 weeks.



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