Yova Amber Sun


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A beautiful handmade titanium bracelet with interesting texture and width of 20 mm and size of 70 mm (measured at its widest point). There is a 20 mm oval on the bracelet.  As a metal, Titanium is nearly indestructible and antiallergic. It does not bend or become deformed, and any nicks or scratches it incurs through daily wear can easily be buffed out for it to appear new and flawless once again.



Amber is a warm, cheerful, wise, protective, and healing stone. It will discharge all negative moods, and it will deflect negative energies that other people may direct at you. This stone will work hard to make sure that you are only working with strong and positive energies.

Amber is the stone that you must have if you want to relieve your stress and anxiety. It will dissolve all traces of physical and mental exhaustion, and it will help you eliminate your fears and worries. It’s also a very helpful stone if you’re suffering from depression. It will stabilize your emotions, and it will constantly remind you why your life is the most precious thing!

The bracelet is available immediately. Comes with a beautiful gift box.

We can create a similar bracelet for you, but not identical, because every stone that can be embedded in it is unique. If you are looking for something unique, it is a piece of jewellery for you, because you can be sure that no other person will have the same bracelet.


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