Colours in your life.

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by colours.They are a major part of our lives, but they also affect our way of living. They can make us happy, sad, angry or melancholic.When we see red, we think about Coca-Cola, green means healthy food, yellow is related to McDonald’s and so on. So colours do play a significant role in our lives and our societies.

Red (Power) represents warmth, love, passion, and intense emotion.  Is sympathetic to authority and favours the idea of maturity. It is assertive and assured, and can function as a reminder of a more demanding, insistent attitude when, through misfortune or our own mistakes, we falter.

Pink (Love) the lighter shade of red represents love and romance, as well as femininity. Pink is generally considered to have a calming effect.

Yellow  (Hope) this bright, attention-getting colour is seen as a sunny, happy colour. It acts as a shield against despair and feelings of humiliation

Blue (Discipline) seen as having a calming effect. Darker shades of blue (as in police uniforms and business suits) may suggest reliability and security.Studies suggest that the colour blue can increase productivity and creativity.

Orange (Vitality) being a combination of yellow and red, orange is also a warm, stimulating and attention-getting colour. There is much of it in the boiling interior of the sun. Yet in the correct dose, it seems like a concentration of an energy and vitality that too often we lack in our own minds and circumstances.

Green (Realism)  a combination of blue and yellow, this colour is generally a physically soothing colour that may simultaneously produce an emotional lift. Green is the colour most associated with nature and sometimes signifies good luck or money.A colour is a tool you can use to alter your own mood, behaviour and performance.Choose one of our leather bracelets and have your lovely colour with you.


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