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First Yova jewellery fashion show

The dreams come true. When I created Yova jewellery brand I want to take a part in a fashion show. This March 24th I had a chance to show my new brass jewellery collection in an event called IRARA, which took place in Hilton Airport Hotel Dublin. There were many amazing people in different fashion and beauty industries. The founder of that event was Ac Matilda, my mentor and my business partner, the owner of Ac Matilda Enterprise and the founder of Sunrise Foundation which support the population in Africa that suffers from Diabetes. Ac Matilda is a very talented fashion designer.

IRARA was not only awarded prizes but a fashion show of Matilda’s amazing dresses and my Yova new brass collection – African Geometry as well.

The beautiful show was nothing without stunning models such as Ana Zens, Agna Kalibatiene, Trisha Mc Dermott, Marina Siniciene, Kamila Galezycka, Helena Lynam, and others.

I worked together with amazing stylist Eliza Joanska – Belezza.

On board were makeup artist Daria Janowska with her team of girls Joanna Andruszkiewicz, Paulina Kuczaj, Sylwia Czyz and also amazing hair stylist Kamila Palka, who did a great job.

This gala was really a great experience to meet lots of great TV presenters and show presenters such as Patrick Walsh, Venessa Manunga, Harifa Daly. the extraordinary performer Steven Megan.

I do not want to forget about amazing photographers such as Alex Bechtin, Michal Sendrak.

All the show with male and female models were managed by great Dennis Ward with his model international agency.

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Yova jewellery good addition to every stylization.

Dear Ladies, every one of us can feel stylish without spending a lot of money. 

Did you ever think how important the first impression is in professional and personal life? We are a brand, especially when we are working with other people who trust us. We can find beautiful dresses not only in very expensive shops like Versace, Dolce and Gabbana.


We often want to find something interesting in Pennys, H&M or Zara, an amazing dress for less than 30 euro.

The most important thing we need to remember is jewellery. Someone said that woman never has too much jewellery and I agree with this.

Every good stylization needs a fitting bracelet, a necklet and earrings.

Yova jewellery makes all of them, to help women be beautiful and fashionable. 


Our jewellery is handmade, we use titanium, which is known for its strength, lightweightness and antiallergic properties. Titanium is one of the most hypoallergenic metals. It is suitable for almost all types of human skin. This simply means that the majority can wear titanium jewellery safely without fear of irritation or skin discolouration. Additionally, many individuals who suffer from allergic reactions while wearing gold or silver can safely wear titanium bracelet or earrings. Our jewellery suits every woman regardless of age or physique. We can match the jewellery to every stylization and for every occasion. Yova is a company created by a woman for women. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. You can contact us by email at or through the Yova fan page. More fashion stylization



MUA Daria Janowska
fashion stylization Belezz
Photographer Michal Sendrak
YOVA jewellery
Hair stylist Essence of Beauty – Hair, Face & Body
 — z: Eva AnnaMichal SendrakEssence of Beauty – Hair, Face & BodyYova i Daria Janowska Make-up Artist


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Colours in your life.

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by colours.

They are a major part of our lives, but they also affect our way of living. They can make us happy, sad, angry or melancholic.

When we see red, we think about Coca-Cola, green means healthy food, yellow is related to McDonald’s and so on. So colours do play a significant role in our lives and our societies.

Red (Power) represents warmth, love, passion, and intense emotion.  Is sympathetic to authority and favours the idea of maturity. It is assertive and assured, and can function as a reminder of a more demanding, insistent attitude when, through misfortune or our own mistakes, we falter.

Pink (Love) the lighter shade of red represents love and romance, as well as femininity. Pink is generally considered to have a calming effect.

Yellow  (Hope) this bright, attention-getting colour is seen as a sunny, happy colour. It acts as a shield against despair and feelings of humiliation

Blue (Discipline) seen as having a calming effect. Darker shades of blue (as in police uniforms and business suits) may suggest reliability and security.Studies suggest that the colour blue can increase productivity and creativity.

Orange (Vitality) being a combination of yellow and red, orange is also a warm, stimulating and attention-getting colour. There is much of it in the boiling interior of the sun. Yet in the correct dose, it seems like a concentration of an energy and vitality that too often we lack in our own minds and circumstances.

Green (Realism)  a combination of blue and yellow, this colour is generally a physically soothing colour that may simultaneously produce an emotional lift. Green is the colour most associated with nature and sometimes signifies good luck or money.

A colour is a tool you can use to alter your own mood, behaviour and performance.

Choose one of our leather bracelets and have your lovely colour with you.

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My new life with Yova

First I want to tell you, my Ladies

You are amazing.
You are brave.
You are strong.

It wasn’t easy for me to start my own business, but one day I read „Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason”.

When I was planning my trip to jewellery world, I wanted to show my audience what I’m feeling.

It’s not easy but this is a challenge, my dream and reason to created Yova.

Yova jewellery is for women who like simple but unique jewellery.

I had many business meetings where I meet a lot of women. I spoke with them and they often asked me why I didn’t share my story with others to give them courage.

For that reason, I decided to start to write my blog. To share my experiences, my look at the world, my hobbies.

You – my customers, give me so much good energy, without you Yova doesn’t make sense.

Thank you for being with me and my Yova.

Remember all “The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t”. Don’t stop following your dreams.

Stay patient and trust your journey.

Check my jewellery shop and enjoy. All products are made for you with love.